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Definitions of AS

  1. To such an extent or degree; to the same extent or degree.
  2. Considered to be, in relation to something else; in the relation (specified).
  3. In the (same) way or manner that; to the (same) degree that.
  4. At the time that; during the time when:
  5. Being that, considering that, because, since.
  6. In the role of.
  7. by way of
  8. (rare, now, England, Midland US and Southern US, possibly, obsolete) Than.
  9. (dated) For example; for instance. (Compare .)
  10. (dated) Introducing a comparison with a hypothetical state (+ subjunctive, or with the verb elided): as though, as if. [to 19th century]
  11. (law) used before a preposition to clarify that the prepositional phrase restricts the meaning of the sentence; specifically.
  12. Functioning as a relative conjunction, and sometimes like a relative pronoun: that, which, who. (See usage notes.) [from 14th c.]
  13. Introducing a basis of comparison, with an object in the objective case.
  14. (unit of weight) A libra.
  15. (numismatics, y) Any of several coins of Rome, coined in bronze or later copper; or the equivalent value.
  16. (rare) Alternative form of a's..
  17. (NZ, slang) Used to intensify an adjective; very much; extremely
  18. (education, UK, historical) Initialism of Advanced Supplementary.
  19. (education, UK) Initialism of Advanced Subsidiary.
  20. (Java programming language) Initialism of application server.
  21. Initialism of Anglo-Saxon.
  22. Abbreviation of Assam.
  23. (cardiology) Initialism of aortic stenosis.
  24. (neurology) Initialism of Asperger's syndrome.
  25. (medicine) Initialism of ankylosing spondylitis.
  26. (internet) Initialism of autonomous system.
  27. (US, Navy) Initialism of auxiliary submarine: a naval tender, a submarine tender that tends to submarines
  28. plural of A.



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