What is English word ON?

Definitions of ON

  1. In the state of being active, functioning or operating.
  2. Performing according to schedule; taking place.
  3. Fitted; covering; being worn.
  4. To an operating state.
  5. So as to cover or be fitted.
  6. Along, forwards (continuing an action).
  7. In continuation, at length.
  8. In the Japanese language, a pronunciation, or reading, of a kanji character that was originally based on the character's pronunciation in Chinese, contrasted with kun.
  9. Positioned at the upper surface of, touching from above.
  10. Positioned at or resting against the outer surface of; attached to.
  11. At or in (a certain region or location).
  12. Supported by (the specified part of itself).
  13. So as to impart force to.
  14. So as to impact; against.
  15. Covering.
  16. At the date of.
  17. At a given time after the start of something; at.
  18. Dealing with the subject of; about; concerning.
  19. Upon; at the time of (and often because of).
  20. Paid for by.
  21. Regularly taking (a drug).
  22. In addition to; besides; indicating multiplication or succession in a series.
  23. Serving as a member of.
  24. By virtue of; with the pledge of.
  25. To the account or detriment of; denoting imprecation or invocation, or coming to, falling, or resting upon.
  26. Engaged in or occupied with (an action or activity).
  27. Abbreviation of Ontario, a province of Canada.
  28. (postpositive) Of a stated part of something, oriented towards the viewer or other specified direction.
  29. (chiefly, UK, informal, usually negative) Acceptable, appropriate.
  30. (informal) Destined, normally in the context of a challenge being accepted; involved, doomed.
  31. (baseball, informal) Having reached a base as a runner and being positioned there, awaiting further action from a subsequent batter.
  32. (cricket) Within the half of the field on the same side as the batsman's legs; the left side for a right-handed batsman.
  33. (acting, drama, RPG) Acting in character.
  34. (euphemistic) Menstruating.
  35. (informal, of a person) Performative or funny in a wearying manner.
  36. (obsolete in the US) Later.
  37. Of betting odds, denoting a better-than-even chance. See also odds-on.
  38. Expressing figurative placement, burden, or attachment.
  39. Denoting performance or action by contact with the surface, upper part, or outside of anything; hence, by means of; with.
  40. Near; adjacent to; alongside; just off.
  41. (with certain modes of transport, especially public transport) Inside (a vehicle) for the purpose of travelling.
  42. Sometime during the day of.
  43. (informal) In the possession of.
  44. Because of; due to; upon the basis of (something not yet confirmed as true).
  45. Indicating a means or medium.
  46. Indicating the target of, or thing affected by, an event or action.
  47. Toward; for; indicating the object of an emotion.
  48. (especially, Ireland) Indicating the person experiencing an emotion, cold, thirst, hunger, etc.
  49. Indicating a means of subsistence.
  50. Under the influence of (a drug, or something that is causing drug-like effects).
  51. (mathematics) Having identical domain and codomain.
  52. (mathematics) Having <math>V^n</math> as domain and V as codomain, for some set V and integer n.
  53. (mathematics) Generated by.
  54. (obsolete, regional) of
  55. Indicating dependence or reliance.
  56. (obsolete) At the peril of, or for the safety of.
  57. (especially when numbers of combatants or competitors are specified) Against; in opposition to.
  58. (philosophy, logic) According to, from the standpoint of; expressing what must follow, whether accepted or not, if a given premise or system is assumed true.
  59. (Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, transitive, colloquial) To switch on.
  60. (UKdialectal, Scotland) Without.
  61. (linguistics) Initialism of Old Norse.



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